3 Ways to Improve Your Photography

Improvement in any area requires a plan and some action. If you would like to improve the results that you get from your own photography there are any number of different things that you can do to enhance your skills. Here we’ll take a look at 3 things anyone can do, at virtually no cost, that can help to make a noticeable difference in your photography.

I’ve been caught in the loop of looking at my photos, thinking they weren’t good enough, and then immediately going out to take new, better photos. with that method is that it is self-defeating and really doesn’t get me anywhere.

Sometimes when you’re feeling defeated with your photography, you need to take a new approach other than immediately hitting the streets in search of your next perfect shot.

If you’re looking to improve your photography, try taking less photos and instead focusing on these ideas.

Before you dive into the tutorial, give the video above a look. I tested (with real-world and a couple of silly tests for fun) several canvas printing companies to see who’s worthy of printing your images!

Do Your Research

Figure out where your next photoshoot is going to be held, and find out everything there is to know about that area. The locals always know best and blogs are a great resource for finding out insider information.

Then, when you’ve found out all the information, go scout the location.

Photography exercises can only do so much, sometimes you simply need to observe the place you’re going to be photographing.

Focus on Your Editing Skills

We all understand that editing is a necessary part of photography and doesn’t make your photography any less noteworthy just because it’s been altered.

But, not enough of us sit down and take the time to examine what parts of the editing process we really need help with.

There’s no way to improve your photography without also improving your post-processing.

A general mistake most beginners make is to overdo their editing, so think about finding a photographer’s work that you like and asking them about their process.

Practice makes perfect, so the more time you spend working on editing your photos, the faster you’ll be and the better your photos will look. It’s a win-win!

Practice Using Your Artist’s Eye

We all have the ability to get out of our comfort zones and examine our surroundings as if we have never done so before.

One trick I use is to flip my world upside down by lying down on my back and looking up at my environment. Our brain is used to processing information around us in a specific way and the goal of this tip is to take everything your brain thinks it knows and throw it out the window.

Once you start practicing viewing your surroundings differently than everyone else, it will be hard to stop. Use this to your advantage. Focus on the things nobody else does, and improved photos will be the result.

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