Backyard Photography Ideas

I’ve been participating in a lot more backyard photography than I’ve ever wanted to and I’m running out of backyard photography ideas.

motivate yourself to do photography projects at home, even with an abundance of resources. But, getting out into the fresh air and getting some sunshine always makes me feel better. I hope it does the same for you.

To provide that little boost of motivation for you, I’ve compiled some of my favorite backyard photography ideas.

Photograph Flowers

Although it may not feel like it, we are in the middle of spring in the United States, so your backyard is probably filled with flowers.

Photographing flowers can be more challenging than you would expect because you can’t move them, so you must work with the natural light you are given. It’s one of the backyard photography ideas that forces you to grow as a photographer.

Plus, you don’t just have to photograph traditional flowers.

If you have weeds in your backyard, photograph them. Finding flowers you traditionally view as nuisances can help you improve your overall positivity, which we all need right now!

Capture Rain

This is one of the most fun backyard photography ideas because rain enhances every other backyard photography subject.

If you are lucky enough to have a macro lens, you can capture water droplets up close. You may be surprised with what you find.

Make sure to keep your background uncluttered when focusing on specific raindrops and keep your aperture wide to blur everything behind your subject.

I often hear photographers complaining about how beautiful it is to shoot in the rain, but how difficult it can be to keep their equipment from getting wet.

If you want to participate in these backyard photography ideas without the hassle of a traditional plastic bag rain cover for your camera, consider Camera Canopy.

Camera Canopy is a shield for your camera that you attach directly to the hot-shoe on your. It comes in two sizes, one for DSLRs and one for mirrorless cameras, so you can be sure to get the right-sized canopy for the camera you utilize.

The great thing about Camera Canopy – other than the fact that it keeps the rear of the camera in plain view, unlike most camera rain covers – is that the canopy can extend and retract based on the length of the lens you’re using. This enables it to protect your gear from the rain no matter if you’re using a macro or a telephoto lens.

Photograph Birds

This is one of the most difficult of our backyard photography ideas because it requires an immense amount of patience and skill. But, the rewards are well worth the wait.

You’ll likely need a telephoto lens to capture birds in detail, but if you don’t possess a telephoto lens, you can capture them from afar for an environmental portrait that shows their surroundings.

It’s helpful if you’ve lived in your home for awhile and already know the types of birds that visit your yard, but if you’re new there, just watch for them over the next few days before going out with your camera.

One of the keys to photographing birds is to understand their habits so you know where and when you need to have your gear set up. When do they rise in the morning? Where do they feed? Are they skittish or can you get fairly close?

These are just a few questions that will help inform your bird photography approach in your backyard.

Whichever of these backyard photography ideas you try, focus on having fun and learning new skills rather than on whether or not each photo is wall-worthy. As you learn and grow behind the lens, you’ll find that the results you get will improve!

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