Things to Explore at the London Bridge

Do you want to visit London in the upcoming time? If your answer is yes, you need to have a little bit more knowledge regarding the destinations that are popular to visit in London. Sometimes, it can be difficult for you to get the desired amount of fun at such a destination where people visit from various parts of the world. According to some experts, London has everything that can make your trip worthwhile. So, you can check to acquire additional support and assistance.

No doubt, the London Bridge is one of the most important and popular travel destinations you can explore in London. It is a renowned bridge that you can see over the river Thames. As a visitor, you can explore some breathtaking views from this bridge that you can remember for a lifetime.

If you are interested in some of the historic, oldest, and popular places in London, you have to make sure to visit this place. Whether you want to visit some stunning restaurants or bars in London, The London Bridge should not be taken out of your bucket list. You can use to get some useful information about your visit to the London Bridge.


On the southern Bank of River Thames, the London Bridge is a very attractive and beautiful place to visit. Most of the people know the London Bridge for its always-busy train station. However, it has more interesting things and facts that people do not know. According to experts, you can do a wide range of activities and things around the London Bridge that can make your London trip more memorable.

As a beginner, you need to keep in mind that this place is known for having lovely pubs and local bars. The magnificent Shadow of the Shard can turn out to be another captivating thing about this place. If you are among the food lovers, then this particular place is an ideal place to visit in London as it holds two popular food markets.

To learn more about the London Bridge, you can explore the below-listed paragraphs. The more you know, the better your trip can become. Being familiar with what to do will also save you a lot of time.

Things to do at the London Bridge

After knowing something basic about the London Bridge now, we can continue with some things that you can explore by the London Bridge. You can now become familiar with the activities and things that are popular to do at the London Bridge for optimal fun. The following points should help you decide on what you want to focus your visit on.

  1. As mentioned earlier, the London Bridge can give you a real treat as you can visit two awesome food markets there.
  2. Further, you can visit the view of the shard which is another great thing to do at the London Bridge. In order to see London from the top of the tall Tower, you can visit the same place. You will feel like you are standing in the clouds and exploring the beauty of London from above. If you want, you can book this particular trip in advance by using online mediums.
  3. The London Bridge also features an old operating theatre museum that you can also see during your visit.
  4. Mondrian at Sea Containers and Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard could be some popular hotels you can visit around the London Bridge.
  5. There are some popular pubs and bars around London Bridge that can allow you to meet people and have a lot of fun.
  6. You can visit Borough market to have the perfect weekend in the London Bridge without any doubt.
  7. In addition, you can visit the open air Shakespeare’s circular theatre.

This might sound like a lot but it does not stop here either! There are several other facts you can know about the London Bridge to make your trip even fuller.

History of the London Bridge

When it comes to knowing the history of the London Bridge, you must know that it began construction around the 1830s. However, the entire construction was made in the year 1967. Further, the London Bridge was made by Two Famous Architects known as William Holford and Baron Holford.

London Bridge nearby attractions

When it comes to knowing the things that you can do near the London Bridge, there are so many that you may need your pen and paper to write it all down. Near the London Bridge, you can visit some popular theatres, the clink prison museum, some monuments, and the Maltby street market. If you still need more to explore, you can visit the Borough market, Potter’s Field, HMS Belfast, and the City Hall.

Overall, there are so many nearby attractions you can see while visiting the London Bridge that one day may not be enough for you.

Ideal time to visit the London Bridge

When it comes to checking the best time to visit the London Bridge, you can consider the early morning time. According to experts this is the best time where you can get the optimal experience by visiting the London Bridge. During the middle of the days and weekends, crowds can come to see London Bridge in a large amount making it a bit too crowded to enjoy. That is why you need to adjust your time accordingly while visiting the London Bridge.

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